With particular reference to his series of photos "Lost in Translation" and "Points of Interest", Moritz is able to capture what few contemporary artists are capable to do.  Moritz encapsulates the enigmatic nature of wide-open, vacant surroundings with unparalleled skill and fascination.  From public spaces to skateboard parks, his scenes come across as foreign, unwelcoming, desolate and even sinister.  It is though they play out on a film set without actors, where the story is conveyed with such subtlety that it appears to have originated in the imagination of the audience.

It is through his formal reduction and concentration on objects that we come to better understand the artificial, natural or cultural beauty of the objects in question.  To this end, the level of sophistication and composition in the picture and atmosphere is truly remarkable.  It imbues the subjects with almost a metaphysical quality. 

His timeless, yet modern works stay with us long after.

Matthias Harder, Chief Curator Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin